A r t i s t

'Peat Pass'

After many years of developing a style I started using a painting knife. Nearly all my works are now produced with the knife - I find this technique is ideal for portraying the spontaneity, ruggedness and atmosphere of my local landscape and inspiration that is Dartmoor.
In recent years my works have become more abstract – my earlier landscapes have now developed into the raw basic structures, colours and shapes that reflect and epitomize the moor.

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'Watern Tor'


'Peat Pass'

I live in Okehampton and Dartmoor is just a five minute walk from home. The moor is the most southerly wilderness area in Britain. The highest point is over 2000 feet above sea level – and therefore, technically, it qualifies as a mountainous area. The weather can be quite changeable and unpredictable -it can be a dangerous place to be if you are complacent and unprepared. ​​

'Abstract 1'